Looking for the perfect gift?


In addition to family and pet portraits, other popular requests are home drawings.  Whether it be a second home or the house you grew up in, having a hand drawn representation of your home is a great gift. 


                   " ROMEO " 9"x 11" Colored Pencil on Paper

                "ROMEO" 9"x 11" Colored Pencil on Paper

Although primarily working with acrylics, Katie also enjoys doing commissioned portraits in pencil, as it allows her to get the maximum amount of detail that is so crucial in attempting to capture the human (or canine) subject.



                            " ISLANDER " 18"x 24" Pencil on Paper

                         "ISLANDER" 18"x 24" Pencil on Paper


 Please note, prices are a general estimate based on size and materials. Email for an exact quote on your specific project. 

8" x 10".....$125

9" X 11".....$150-$225

16" X 20".....$250-$350

18" X 24".....$375-$475

 24" X 36".....$500-$750

(More sizes upon request)


For information regarding commissions or for any other questions, please email Katie directly at KCM4751@gmail.com

Thank you!